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High Security Container Seal

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The BS-01, classified as a high security seal, is a high quality container seal used to seal container or trailer doors. The seals are ISO/PAS 17712:2013 certified.

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The SXL-BS01 is a high security seal used to protect cargo during different modes of transport. The most common uses where the seals are applied are the following:

  • Freight container doors
  • Shipping container doors
  • Truck trailer doors
  • Train rail doors

The high security seal protects the cargo against theft and makes sure that the cargo remains in place. The seals have tamper indicative features which make it easy to detect if someone has meddled with them. The model is designed for single use and has to be removed with bolt-cutters. Each product is uniquely numbered and registered in our database.

  • Tamper-evident design
  • Anti-spin design
  • Unique sequential numbering
  • ISO 17712:2013 Certified
  • Worldwide customs acceptance (Conform C-TPAT requirements)
Total length open87mm
Total length closed102mm
Diameter Pen11mm
Tensile strength15KN
MaterialA3 Steel and ABS plastic

The product dimensions are as follows:

The carton packing dimensions are as follows:

250 Pcs18 kg48 cm33 cm14 cm

Each box contains 25 smaller boxes. Each small box is packed with 10 bolt seals, as can be seen in the bolt seal pictures.