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Plastic Seal 250mm - 2500 pieces

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The smallest plastic seal in the online collection. The 25cm long plastic seal is a small indicative pull-tight seal which can be used for all sorts indicative purposes. Due to it’s small size it is the right seal for the smaller jobs. The seals are compl
Article number: SXL-PS03-1

The smallest plastic seal for the smallest sealing jobs. Due to it’s small size the seal can be easily applied for many jobs. This small seal has a lower breaking strength, they break with a force of and about 8kgs. Therefore, the seals can be used for sealing purposes which require a seal which can easily be broken by hand.

The seals are uniquely numbered and meant for single use. The seal completely made out of plastic, which make them easy to recycle.

  • Single use only
  • Low breaking strength
  • Uniquely numbered
  • Easily recyclable.

Total length open: 250MM
Total Usable Length: 170MM
Tensile strength: 7KG
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Colour: Yellow, Black print
Print: SealXL Logo, Unique numbering
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